Kate Moss reveals pressure of fame led to nervous breakdown as a teen


In her most revealing interview to date, supermodel Kate Moss opens up about the painful struggles of her stellar 25-year career. 

Despite the glitz and glamour of her worldwide fame, she speaks candidly in an interview with Vanity Fair about her teenage nervous breakdown and heartbreak over ex-boyfriend Johhny Depp.

Scouted at just 14, she made her modelling debut with a Corinne Day shoot for iconic magazine The Face, but found it difficult to adapt to the modelling arena.



Recalling a shoot at the beginning of her career when she was asked to take her clothes off, she was told "if you don't do it, then we're not going to book you again." She explains, "I'd lock myself in the toilet and cry and then come out and do it."

But by 1992 she was riding on the crest of a wave when she appeared with Mark Wahlberg in a Calvin Klein campaign shot by Herb Ritts, but by then the pressure of modelling proved too much.

"I had a nervous breakdown when I was 17 or 18, when I had to go and work with Marky Mark and Herb Ritts," said Kate. "I couldn't get out of bed for two weeks. I thought I was going to die."



She found support in the shape of Johnny Depp, boyfriend of three years, who helped her through the highs and lows of her career, telling her: "Never complain, never explain".

"There's nobody that's ever really been able to take care of me. Johnny did for a bit. I believed what he said. Like if I said, 'What do I do?' - he'd tell me. And that's what I missed when I left. I really lost that gauge of somebody I could trust."

She was left heartbroken when the couple split in 1997 and endured "years and years of crying".

In the brutally honest interview, she goes on to describe the stark reality of the modelling world. "Nobody takes care of you mentally. There's a massive pressure to do what you have to do."


Once the poster girl for 'heroin chic' in the 1990s, the 38-year-old's undeniable reputation for parties and paparazzi still lives on. But Kate has since taken to a quieter lifestyle, living with husband Jamie Hince and 12-year-old daughter Lila Grace in Highgate, London.

The surprisingly open interview, which coincides with the publication of Kate: The Kate Moss Book, confirms that she does wish to keep her life private: "I don't want people to know what is true all the time and that's what keeps the mystery."