History of hunks: Diet Coke's leading man returns


Ladies, rejoice – the Diet Coke hunk is back.

He hasn't been seen since 2007. But it is the brand's 30th anniversary in Europe, and to celebrate, they have treated their female fans, making a return to the tradition of featuring an incredibly attractive male in their campaigns.

The lucky man chosen to star in the new advert is 31-year-old Andrew Cooper from Manchester, a father-of-two who part-owns a Notting Hill pet store called The Mutz Nutz. With sun-kissed skin, beach blonde hair and a six pack to boot, Andrew has females everywhere swooning as he shows off his model credentials in the commercial.



Following in the footsteps of its predecessors in tone and style, a gaggle of giggling girls are seen enjoying a picnic while a beautiful gardener mows the grass. One of the women has an idea and sets a can of Diet Coke rolling down the hill where it collides with the lawnmower, explodes and drenches the gardener. He then has no choice but to remove his t-shirt in slow motion and wring it out, all to the soundtrack of Etta James's version of I Just Want to Make Love to You.

The ad was shown at the Super Bowl on Sunday night. So while the new hunk enjoys his time in the spotlight, let's take a look at the history of the Diet Coke hunks.

The first ever Diet Coke Break advert aired in 1994, starring topless construction worker Lucky Vanos who had a group of office women rushing to the windows at 11.30am every day when he stopped work to drink a can of the famous drink. And so the Diet Coke hunk was born.

It was an innovative campaign that became a cultural phenomenon – flipping traditional gender roles on their head.

Such was the success of the advert that in 1997, the brand repeated the concept while giving it a fresh makeover.



This time it was Robert Merrill who was the object of an office's female workers' affection. The unforgettable window washer prompted an 11.30am meeting as they arrived to watch him take his break.

Robert was catapulted to international fame after the advert was aired. "I was excited to say the least. It was the job that everybody wanted. It was huge!" he said.

After a ten-year hiatus, the Diet Coke break ad returned in 2007, with 28-year-old French skater and Economics graduate Francois Xavier starring as the lift engineer, who comes to rescue three ladies after they (intentionally) get stuck in an office lift.

Take a look at our gallery to see the pictures of all the Diet Coke hunks and watch all the videos below… Is it 11.30 yet?