How to achieve the perfect at-home pedicure

Shop these products to give your feet some much-needed TLC

Foot care. Glamorous? Nope. Necessary? Absolutely.

Judging by the average person's skin care shelfie, we have more than enough inclination to take care of our largest organ. When it comes to our faces, we're happy to bang out a 10-step routine on a twice-daily basis, and yet when it comes to the skin that sits on our soles, with sandal season looming, we panic – our poor feet having been neglected for a solid 10 months of the year.

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Hello! Fashion has picked out some great footcare products that will help you achieve the perfect at-home pedi:

File away

Corns and calluses (thick, hardened layers of skin) are caused by excess force or friction, so whether that's from shoes that are too tight, or just padding about on rough surfaces, they're super common and easy to get rid of – all you need is a little elbow grease.

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Plunge your feet into an at-home foot spa, or a sturdy large plastic bowl will do, and soak your feet in some warm water with a dash of bath cream for about 15 minutes. 

Dry your feet and get to work with a pumice stone, a cheap one from your local chemist will work absolutely fine. The light-yet-abrasive stone is great for sloughing off dead skin - focus on your heels and the outer edge of your big toe for maximum results. 

Pumice stone, £5, So Eco


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If you can't get the hang of the pumice, try out a foot file. There are some great options out there that are really easy to use, with useful handles and options to replace the filing pads when they get too worn. 

Professional foot file, £26, Margaret Dabbs


Get masked up 

Inconceivably gross, and yet endlessly gratifying. If it's your first rodeo with a foot peeling mask, don't be alarmed at the amount of skin you will shed. Please note: exfoliating masks need to be used in advance of a particular foot-baring event, get your calendar wrong and you could end up with peeling feet at exactly the wrong moment. Gross.

Peeling foot mask, £18, Patchology


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Slather it on 

There's zero point in putting in all of that hard work if next time you give yourself a pedicure is going to be just as laborious as the first. Protect the fruits of your labour by massaging in a rich moisturiser just before you climb into bed to keep your feet feeling baby soft.

Foot Cream Warming, £43, Susanne Kaufmann


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