Beyoncé gives fans glimpse into her tour wardrobe

Fashion fans were all ears on Monday as Beyoncé gave us a behind-the-scenes look into the making of her tour wardrobe.

The rare, candid video was posted to Beyoncé's Facebook page, and showed the process behind the creation of the singer's Formation wardrobe.

Narrated by the star's costume designer Marni Senofonte, fans were shown interviews with the crew members and given lots of previously unknown details...


Beyoncé took fans behind the scenes

For example, the fishnets worn by the backup dancers were all individually dyed in crockpots, because "the girls don't all come in one colour" and Beyoncé wanted the tights to match their skin tones perfectly. 

Marni revealed that the vision for the show came from the much-talked about Lemonade film, taking Antebellum sartorial references to create a look Marni describes as "Victorian streetwear".

The film showed just how much effort goes into the tour wardrobe

Once they had decided on the aesthetic, they contacted designers to come up with sketches that would fit the theme.

Beyoncé worked with the designers to come up a finished product she was totally happy with.

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