Can you guess how old this model is?!

Pictures of famous Japanese model Risa Hirako have been doing the rounds online – and it's kind of blowing our minds...


The Japanese model has caused a stir on Instagram

Despite looking not a day over 21, the Instagram star is actually 45. Seriously, 45.

Boasting nearly 100k followers, Risa shares photos of her adventures and whereabouts on her social media accounts, posing with face creams (yes, we took notes) and sharing #ootds.

Risa doesn't look a day over 21!

Her fans have taken to her account to share their surprise at her age.

"She cannot be 45," wrote one user, while another commented: "I do not believe this woman is 45!!"

We couldn't write a story about people looking younger than their actual age without mentioning Jennifer Lopez. So here you go...

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