This is the most popular dress on the Internet

With a staggering 2.5 million re-pins on Pinterest, this dress has been named the most popular wedding dress ever.

The bridal gown was created by an Australian label called Grace Loves Lace and it has caused a storm on social media.

Hollie 2.0 by Grace Loves Lace

Dubbed the Hollie 2.0, the stunning creation retails for £1430 and is covered in delicate lace... And it's still available online!

"Our iconic Hollie gown sold out worldwide and we are so excited to introduce the highly anticipated Hollie 2.0!" the website description reads.

Hollie 2.0 by Grace Loves Lace

"The Hollie 2.0 features some distinct design additions and changes, namely the free-flowing silk chiffon sheaths attached a the shoulders, which can be threaded through a centre back loop and beautifully draped.

Hollie 2.0 by Grace Loves Lace

"Hollie 2.0 also features a graduated centre-front split in the lace layer of the skirt. We are completely in love, be prepared to make some magic in this gown!"

The gown is manufactured in Australia, but the brand ships worldwide, just FYI...!

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