Hugh Jackman burst onto the scene in 2000's X-Men and has been a Tinseltown favourite ever since
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"They should clone him," says Meg Ryan of her Kate & Leopold co-star

28 DECEMBER 2001
In the romantic comedy Kate & Leopold, hunky Hugh Jackman stars as a displaced 19th century duke out to convince modern man that chivalry isn’t dead. And according to co-star Meg Ryan, Hugh’s on-screen charms weren’t just an act.

“He can dance, play the piano and ride a horse,” says the tousle-haired beauty. “And you hate him because he does all those things really, really well. He’s funny and smart, has the greatest wife and child, and has great innocence in his face and such a spark in his eyes.”

Hugh, who has picked up a Golden Globe nomination for the film, admits that those gentlemanly acts didn’t exactly come naturally, however.

“I had to go to England and find out what it’s like really to be aristocratic,” shares the 33-year-old Aussie and X-Men star. “And for that to feel natural I had an etiquette coach. I was having sessions with her every day learning how to walk up stairs, how to bow, how to eat, how to drink, how to dance, how to sit, and not gesticulate when I talk.”

“I had barely ridden a horse before. And that was tough cause I had one of those equestrian coaches who did everything but slap me with a horse whip,” he jokes. “It was brutal but fun.”

The hard work clearly paid off. It seems Meg just couldn’t get enough of Hugh. “They should clone him,” she suggests.

Kate & Leopold, which premiered in Manhattan last week, hits UK screens in March.

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