29 AUGUST 2003

Jennifer Garner, who plays secret agent Sydney Bristow on the TV show Alias, has been enlisted for another high profile assignment – the "face" of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The popular star, who made a successful jump to blockbusters with this summer's Daredevil, has agreed to appear in recruitment videos for the CIA, the American government body in charge of foreign and counter-intelligence.

CIA liaison to the entertainment industry Chase Brandon says both Jennifer and her TV character "reflect a lot of qualities we look for in new career field officers". "If Jennifer ever decides she doesn't want to wear dark glasses of the celebrity status, she can put on dark glasses and be a spy," he says. "She's got what it takes."

Saying the agency is looking for candidates possessing honesty, integrity, creativity, and a willingness to take risks, he added: "It's nice if you fly planes and speak foreign languages."

Brandon, who served as a technical adviser to spy series Alias in its first season, assures potential applicants not to worry if they lack those skills. He admits: "The truth is we can teach most of our clandestine field operatives what they need to know."

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TV spy Jennifer, who made the jump to the blockbusters with Daredevil, will appear in CIA recruitment videos to be shown on university campusesClick on photo to enlarge

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