Desperate yet sizzling: Scarlett and Ewan play human clones in their latest movie The Island, due out in 2005
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29 DECEMBER 2004

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Their faces are tense and desperate, but the electricity created by two of Hollywood’s hottest properties sharing the screen was palpable as Ewan McGregor and Scarlet Johansson filmed their latest flick together.

The glamorous pair play human clones trying to escape the bad guys in the £65-million science-fiction thriller The Island, which also stars British actor Sean Bean.

While she sizzles on screen, apparently starlet Scarlett is worried she may be boring her new co-star. Having just read the account of his 20,000 mile round-the-world motorcycle trip she has been bombarding him with questions about his adventures.

The Lost In Translation actress, who describes her co-star as “absolutely delicious”, admitted: “Because I'm working with him I can bother him by asking him about it! I just hope I'm not boring him."


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