The Rocky star, seen launching Sly in New York, aims to help men over 40 stay as fit and healthy as he is
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10 MARCH 2005

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Rocky hero Sylvester Stallone has launched a new newsstand contender, following the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey in launching his own self-titled lifestyle magazine.

The 58-year-old fitness buff serves as the editorial director for Sly, which shows men how to "stay in the game past 40" with advice on health, nutrition, style, technology and travel.

"I think that guys have to understand that once you turn 40 in this day and age, you have to realise that you either watch the parade or become part of it," he said in a recent TV interview. "I think that if they can understand that if I can do it and I do not have exceptional genetics, believe me it's just a matter of retooling your thinking. Health has to start mentally."

Sly is just one of the many projects the Hollywood action star is kicking off these days. He's also co-hosting a boxing TV reality programme, The Contender, which shows the lives of 16 amateur middleweight fighters as they compete in the ring for a $1-million prize.