5 JULY 2005

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Wedding Crashers stars Jane Seymour and Isla Fisher were both sparkling in sequins at the comedy's London premiere on Monday, but when it came to the actresses' approach to shooting the movie's steamier moments, there were very few similarities.

While 54-year-old Jane decided to bare all in her first topless scene, Isla, engaged to Ali G star Sacha Baren Cohen, had a body double for her sexy shots with actor Vince Vaughn.

"I totally hate the puritanical approach to the whole nudity thing, but then when it comes to me I have double standards," said the former Home And Away beauty. "No way am I doing anything like that."

Meanwhile, co-star Vince, who has been filming The Break-Up with Jennifer Aniston, hit the red carpet amid rumours he's romancing the Friends star, currently in the process of divorcing husband Brad Pitt.

A representative for Jennifer, however, insists Vince is simply a "good friend". "I don't know if there are pictures that show them hugging but... she hugs everybody all the time," said the spokesperson.

Actor Owen Wilson is flanked by co-stars Jane Seymour and Isla Fisher, who each took decidedly different approaches to filming skin-baring scenes in the comedy
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