5 AUGUST 2005

Click here to send this news item to a friend Sienna Miller is set to team up with glamour queen Gwen Stefani in a new film. The 23-year-old has bounced back from her recent troubles by landing the lead role in the forthcoming flick Factory Girl.

The much talked-about movie tells the story of ill-fated heiress Edie Sedgwick who became Andy Warhol's muse. Gwen will play a smaller part as fellow "factory girl" Richie Berlin, while acclaimed Australian actor Guy Pierce takes on the challenge of becoming the iconic artist at the centre of their attention.

Sienna was originally linked to the movie some months ago, but she was forced to pull out due to her commitments with the West End play As You Like It. Producers subsequently called on Tom Cruise's new fiancée Katie Holmes, but she likewise had to step aside after the production schedule was delayed. "As soon as Katie dropped out, we went back to Sienna," revealed director George Hickenlooper. "I always saw her as Edie. It was very painful when she left the project."

The filmmaker also denied suggestions his leading lady's increased profile in the wake of fiancé Jude Law's affair helped her win the part. "We cast her the old-fashioned way - because she's brilliantly talented," he affirmed.

And Sienna isn't the only Brit making an impression on Hollywood casting directors. Gwen's husband Gavin Rossdale is also appearing in the movie. The chisel-jawed singer, who became a major star in the US during his years with the band Bush, will play poet and photographer Gerard Malanga.

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Sienna will play the troubled heiress Edie Sedgwick, who died of an overdose in 1971, in the new movie. "We cast her the old-fashioned way - because she's brilliantly talented," said director George Hickenlooper
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Gwen Stefani meanwhile becomes Richie Berlin, while her husband Gavin Rossdale plays poet Gerard Malanga. The British singer has previously appeared in the action adventure Constantine and Gwen has likewise cut her acting teeth in last year's The Aviator