25 OCTOBER 2005

Click here to send this news item to a friend It's no big secret that David Beckham counts quite a number of young women among his fans. But even the England skipper himself must have been a little surprised after one of Tinseltown's hottest female talents went along to cheer him on at his latest football match. Eagle-eyed sports fans couldn't help noticing that Natalie Portman was among the soccer fans cheering from the sidelines as his team Real Madrid took on rivals Valencia at the weekend. The Closer star certainly seemed to be getting into the spirit of things, shouting her approval enthusiastically as the hunky athlete and his teammates laid siege to their opponents' goal.

The actress, who is best-known as Queen Amidala in the Star Wars series, also appeared to be enjoying the time-honoured tradition of expressing disbelief at the referee's decisions. At several points during the match the performer was seen throwing her arms in the air and shaking her head in incredulity, but in the end her support wasn't enough to stop the home side losing 1-2 after Becks was sent off.

She wasn't the only one feeling doubtful about the official's rulings, as Real Madrid has announced it will appeal the red card. The 30-year-old's team-mate Pablo Garcia even suggested the midfielder might be getting victimised for his good looks. "I don't know why Beckham got sent off," he said after the match. "Maybe it's because he's blond and pretty. Referees are capable of sending him off for that."

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Photo: © Alphapress.com
Natalie and her companion were on the edge of their seats as David and his teammates did battle with rivals ValenciaPhoto: © Rex
Photo: © Alphapress.com
At the end of the match the 24-year-old still managed a smile, despite the disappointing result. Natalie is currently in Spain filming a biopic of the artist GoyaPhoto: © Rex