In the popular Eighties show, the Irish actor played a smooth-talking conman-turned private eye (above). The role brought worldwide fame and paved the way for him to take up the Bond mantle
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16 DECEMBER 2005

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Fans of Remington Steele could be in for a treat with the news that Pierce Brosnan plans to bring the smooth-talking private eye out of retirement. The former 007 is in talks to shoot a movie version of the Eighties series that first brought him to public attention.

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"I think there's an audience, there's a sentimental memory for it," said the Irish actor, who seems to be enjoying mixing it up professionally, after handing in his license to kill.

Before reprising the role of the suave detective, the 53-year-old is lined up to portray a brutal kidnapper, who rips a family apart in Butterfly On A Wheel, and make a sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair.

Pierce's approach seems to have paid off, as his latest film The Matador has earned him a Golden Globe nomination. Critics are hailing the performance, which sees the heart-throb playing a washed-up bisexual hitman, as one of the best of his career.

In the meantime, the ex-double agent has graciously passed over his Bond mantle to Layer Cake actor Daniel Craig. "We went out and talked about it before the whole world knew about it," he revealed. "We had some beers over it and laughed and I wished him well. I just told him to have a good time with it, embrace it and enjoy it."

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