Angelina and Brad have shared their family photo album of their recent stay in Cambodia with HELLO! readers. The amazing images show their daughter Shiloh has clearly inherited her parent's gorgeous features
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12 DECEMBER 2006

Little Shiloh Nouvel is settling into the globe-trotting lifestyle of her famous mum and dad Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She has made her first visit to Cambodia, the homeland of her big brother Maddox, a moment which can be seen exclusively in the latest issue of HELLO! magazine.

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The beautiful pictures of seven-month-old Shiloh are the first to be seen since the couple's daughter made her debut on the cover of HELLO! shortly after her birth in Namibia. And it is clear to see from the stunning images that she has taken on the distinctive features of her glamorous parents, inheriting Angelina's famously full lips and her Brad's fair hair.

Shiloh, whose name means "the peaceful one" in Hebrew, joined older siblings Maddox, five, and Ethiopian-born Zahara, who is now 23-months-old, on the adventure to the beautiful Asian country. And the family's closeness is there for all to see.

The magazine, on sale December 12 at newsstands around the UK, gives an amazing insight into the family's moving visit which marked their first time in Maddox's birth-place together. "After many trips over the years, this is the first time Maddox has really understood this is his country," the devoted mum reveals.

As the philanthropic Mr And Mrs Smith co-stars increase their charity work over the world, the pair reveal their commitment to helping the people of Cambodia, a country which Angelina fell in love with while filming Tomb Raider in 2000.


Shiloh Nouvel