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Obviously keen to take control of her own set of wheels, the Alfie star has signed up for a course of driving lessons in West London
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The actress had swapped luxury limos for a modest British School Of Motoring vehicle on Wednesday morning
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Sienna slips behind the wheel for a lesson in West London

21 MARCH 2007

While her new fantasy film Stardust is packed with various alternative modes of transport, including a chariot pulled by goats, screen beauty Sienna Miller was clearly focused on getting to grips with an altogether more practical vehicle when she arrived for a driving lesson on Wednesday morning.

The glamorous 25-year-old, who is no stranger to being chauffeured around in a luxury limo, obviously has her sights set on controlling her own pair of wheels in future. Dressed for her lesson in a driver-friendly pair of flat slip-ons and skinny jeans, the stylish star slipped behind the wheel of a British School of Motoring vehicle in West London.

Negotiating the busy streets of the British capital marks a change of pace for the Alfie actress, who has just returned from a romantic holiday in Mexico with her new beau, model and aspiring musician Jaimie Burke. The pair, who stopped off in New York on the way home, were spotted at the weekend visiting a Big Apple tattoo parlour, where Sienna reportedly had a sparrow design inked on her wrist.

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