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Jada, seen here with Tom and Katie at a party for Mary J Blige, emphasises the couple are equal partners in their marriage
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Jada tells the world Katie is the driving force in Cruise home

4 MAY 2007

While Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are arguably one of the world's most talked about couples, few get to see behind closed doors at their Hollywood estate. But now some regular visitors to the pair's home, led by actress Jada Pinkett Smith, have been giving insights into their high-profile marriage. And the picture that emerges is of a surprisingly normal - given Tom's money and fame - cosy household.

Jada, the wife of megastar Will Smith and a key member of the pair's inner circle, emphasises that the Batman Begins actress is the lynchpin of the Cruise home. "Kate is running her own show. And she's a great mother. Her kids - Connor, Bella, Suri - are dynamic children and are extremely happy," says their friend who adds that "behind all that grace is a tigress".

Jada tackles head-on suggestions in sections of the US press that 28-year-old Katie is the junior partner in the marriage. "People think Tom and the Church of Scientology got something on Kate? They don't. Let me tell you, Kate ain't no wimpy kitty cat," she declares.

Meanwhile another close pal, internet mogul Sky Dayton, has also remarked on the Cruise family's down-to-earth existence. According to the businessman, life at Tom and Katie's revolves round favourite pastimes such as home movie night - complete with chocolate-covered popcorn - and informal football games. These kickabouts are organised by the Mission: Impossible star in the back garden, with friends and relatives from both sides joining in the fun.

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