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The former Lord Of The Rings actor makes his dramatic exit from Lost next month
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'Lost' star Dominic Monaghan to depart cult series

28 MAY 2007

Dominic Monaghan has some advice for UK Lost fans as they tune in to see the gripping end to the third series next month. "Get your Kleenex and hang on for the ride," he says. The British actor promises viewers will see his character, ex-rock star Charlie Pace, at his most selfless and heroic as he bows out of the hit drama.

Lensing the season finale was an emotional moment admits Lord Of The Rings star Dominic. "One of the producers presented me with a paddle that had been made by the crew and the cast, and said a little speech about working with me on the show," he remembers. "He said some beautiful things and gave me the microphone, and I had a really hard time trying to get out exactly what I wanted to say without my voice faltering."

The Berlin-born actor admits that one of the things he will miss most about being part of the cast is the island lifestyle. "It's pretty fantastic to not be living in a metropolis. To wake up on a weekend and go for a run and swim in the sea and surf and eat sashimi and drink a Mai Tai at sunset - I'm acutely aware of how lucky I've been."

Not being on the show does have its advantages though, he says. "In coming back and seeing people, I'm only coming back for a social occasion. I won't be forced to work. I'll come back and go for dinner and hang out and surf and watch the sun." And the actor will no doubt still be a regular visitor to the Hawaiian island of Oahu, as he is engaged to fellow cast member Evangeline Lilly.

His departure from Lost doesn't mean Dominic will disappear from our screens. Next up for the 30-year-old - who is currently in talks with US cable networks to host a natural history show - is a role as a grave digger in new horror flick I Sell The Dead. He also wants to team up with Lord Of The Rings co-star Billy Boyd to make a film which he sees as "a tribute to the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby Road To... movies".

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