11 JUNE 2007

Every muscle rippling under his wet shirt, Bond star Daniel Craig quite literally lived up to his ice-cool reputation when he took to the freezing waters off Cape Town for a new movie role recently. The hardy 39-year-old plunged back into the icy seas three times for the scene in Flashbacks Of A Fool in which his character, a fading Hollywood actor attempts to commit suicide.

At one point locals - unaware they were watching a film shoot - grew alarmed when Daniel dived into the surf fully clothed and began swimming out to sea before being saved by a group of men. His 'rescuers' turned out to be divers on standby to make sure the actor didn't come to any harm in the stormy weather conditions.

The action-packed scenes were shot at Llandudno beach, a stunning stretch of South African coastline named after the Welsh seaside resort.

Handsome Daniel has been accompanied by his girlfriend Satuski Mitchell during the two-week shoot. The actor recently joked he'd have to buff up again to play the famous spy, but judging by his toned appearance and athletic looks the new 007 won't need to work too hard at it.

Helen McCrory and Emilia Fox also star in the flick, which is executive produced by Daniel and will be released early next year.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The sculpted Bond star plunged into the seas off the Cape Town coastline for his new film Flashbacks Of A FoolPhoto: © Rex
Photo: © Alphapress.com
Daniel plays a fading Hollywood actor who tries to commit suicide after the death of his best friendPhoto: © Rex