21 JUNE 2007

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Twenty years after Bruce Willis first began pulling people out of burning buildings on screen, the Hollywood tough guy showed he's still got what it takes, getting buffed up for Die Hard 4.0, his fourth outing as wise-cracking cop John McClane - and enticing a bevy of lovely ladies to the UK premiere into the bargain. Sharing the red carpet with the actor at London's Leicester Square were some of the celebrity scene's most attractive women.

At Bruce's side were co-star Hong Kong actress Maggie Q, and TV presenter Lisa Snowdon, stunning in a chic black number with chain-mail straps. The vivacious brunette, who has a bulging contacts book from the time when she dated George Clooney and is always at ease with the A-list crowd, shared an animated chat with her hunky red-carpet companion.

Also on hand to hear the hardman yell: "Yipee Ki Yay!" one more time was Ruby Stewart, fresh from the wedding celebrations of her dad Rod and his new wife Penny Lancaster. The 20-year-old model looked every inch the rock princess, in a candy pink top and jeans which showed off her signature Stewart pins to perfection.

The turnout must have been a consolation for Bruce, who confessed doing the stunts has got harder than it used to be, and that he was black and blue throughout filming. "I tell you, I used to bounce off the concrete a lot easier than I do now," he quipped.

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Bruce was quite the debonair gent as he chatted to TV presenter Lisa at Wednesday's premierePhoto: © RexClick on photos for gallery
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Ruby Stewart was also enjoying a night out at the glamorous screening after celebrating her dad Rod's marriage in ItalyPhoto: © Getty Images