22 JUNE 2007

Don Cheadle's latest performance has got the movie critics talking awards already. The versatile actor has proved his talent for inhabiting diverse characters yet again in his latest flick Talk To Me. Now one of Hollywood's most acclaimed leading men, he plays irrepressible American radio DJ Ralph Waldo 'Petey' Greene Jr in the new bio-pic, which premiered at the LA Film Festival this week.

Joining him at the screening were his British co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor, Andy Garcia, Martin Sheen and Hustle And Flow's Taraji P Henson, who are also winning plaudits for their roles.

The movie tells the story of Petey Greene whose 'keepin'-it real' style made him a steady voice on the radio during the turbulent late Sixties and early Seventies - from his first on-air job to his ill-fated appearance on The Tonight Show and his subsequent downfall.

It adds yet another credit to Don's illustrious CV which includes a host of wide-ranging projects, from Ocean's Thirteen to Hotel Rwanda. Next up for the Oscar nominee is Toussaint, in which he plays Toussaint Louverture, the man who led the 18th-century slave rebellion which prompted the Haitian Revolution.

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British actor Chiwetel and leading man Don take to the red carpet on the opening night of the LA Film FestivalPhoto: © Getty Images
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They were joined by their Talk To Me co-stars Martin and TarajiPhoto: © Getty Images