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There was no sign of the bumbling character's beloved yellow Mini Cooper - instead he rolled up to meet New York fans in a horse-drawn cart
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Rowan was in character to promote Mr Bean's Holiday, which hits US cinemas next month
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Rowan unleashes Mr Bean's madcap adventures on the US

20 JULY 2007

As far as tourists go, Mr Bean stands out from the pack. Clutching a battered tartan suitcase and wearing the character's trademark tweed jacket and red tie Rowan Atkinson - the man behind the bumbling creation - rolled up in a horse and cart this week to meet fans in New York. Strutting up 5th Avenue he displayed the range of comic facial expressions and slapstick poses that have kept Mr Bean fans entertained for the past two decades.

The madcap display was in honour of Rowan's new big screen adventure, Mr Bean's Holiday, which hits cinemas across the pond next month. The film - which already tops box offices in 38 countries - details the misfit's latest adventure as he swaps his native Britain for the French Riviera.

In true Bean style, the holiday - won in a church raffle - isn't exactly plain sailing. Events on the debacle-packed journey include a spot of busking after he loses his wallet, and an impromptu appearance at the Cannes Film Festival after he accidentally separates a Russian film director and his son then tries to reunite them.

The accident-prone character was originally created for a one-off TV special in 1988, but proved so popular he went on to star in his own series, cartoon and Mr Bean movie - which grossed £120 million at the box office.

It seems the character's days could be numbered though after his creator indicated that this latest silver screen adventure could be the final time he steps into Mr Bean's shoes. "It might be his last outing," admits the comic.

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