23 JULY 2007

The world's favourite teenage wizard Daniel Radcliffe celebrates his 18th birthday on Monday, happy in the knowledge that he can buy just about anything he wishes. Until now the fortune he's made from the Harry Potter series - some £17 million so far - has been held in a trust fund.

Level-headed Daniel has promised not to be frivolous, though, with his wealth which he intends to invest in acquiring artworks. "I'm quite interested in art and things like that, but I've never been into cars," he revealed. "So I don't think I'm going to splash out on a classic car collection, which people expect me to."

Earning philanthropic credits the young actor asked fans not to buy him presents, but instead donate money to his favourite charity, the Demelza House Children's Hospice in Kent.

With his financial future secure Daniel has recently revealed his attention is now upon finding a young lady to share his life. Prospective girlfriends will have a tough time fulfilling his requirements, though. The Hogwarts student has said his ideal woman is Natalie Portman, whose spell he's been under since watching her in Garden State. "When I first saw it I think I just fell in love with her!" he confessed. "Not only is Natalie Portman beautiful, she a great actress, too."

Photo: © Alphapress.com
As young Hogwarts pupil Harry Potter the actor has grown up on the big screen, transforming from a fresh-faced little boy to an industry-savvy 18-year-old Photo: © Getty Images
Photo: © Alphapress.com
When he was unveiled as the boy wizard in 2000, Daniel is unlikely to have forseen the phenomenal success he would go on to enjoyPhoto: © Getty Images