26 JULY 2007

It's hard to give credence to Catherine Zeta-Jones' claims that she's a bread fanatic when she appears trimmer than ever these days. At the premiere of her new flick No Reservations, the wonder from Wales was a vision in sequinned scarlet mini dress, with not an excess ounce in sight.

Raven-tressed Catherine - who also admits to "stealing that last chicken nugget off the (kids) plate" - appears to have honed her already enviable figure for her role as a control-freak chef in the romantic comedy.

The screen beauty plays Kate, a restaurateur whose neatly ordered life is turned upside down when her sister dies in an accident, leaving behind a little girl for her to raise. Things hot up when Aaron Eckhart's sexy sous-chef arrives on the scene.

Before filming, the mother-of-two spent several weeks learning culinary skills like how to flip the contents of a frying pan and saute garlic. When challenged to put into practice some of the tricks she picked up on a US TV show the actress rose to the occasion. On The Today Show, flanked by American lifestyle guru Martha Stewart and her on-screen lover Aaron, she deftly whipped up a cherry pie.

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The Welsh beauty with Aaron Eckhart, her co-star in the romantic comedy about two chefs who fall for each other in the steamy kitchen of a Manhattan restaurantPhoto: © Getty Images
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Catherine proved she's no slouch in the kitchen in real life by baking a cherry pie on TV, watched by lifestyle guru Martha Stewart Photo: © Rex