31 AUGUST 2007

While there's been a flurry of cinematic activity in Venice this week, the red carpet was also being rolled out in both Britain and the US. In New York Fierce Creatures lead Diane Lane had some special support in the form of her handsome husband, actor Josh Brolin, as she helped present her latest big-screen offering.

In the drama the 42-year-old actress - glam at the screening in a leopard-print dress - plays a massage therapist desperate to leave the Big Apple to find a better life for herself and her teenage son.
Across the continent the stars of Romance And Cigarettes were also out in force for the musical love story's LA premiere. Susan Sarandon - who plays the wife of The Sopranos actor James Gandolfini's character in the flick - led the star arrivals. These included her on-screen husband, who took along his girlfriend of seven months, Deborah Lin.

On the other side of the Pond, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was attending another debut screening with pretty wife Tana. The pair were among guests invited to check out Catherine Zeta-Jones' latest offering No Reservations in London.

The subject matter of the comedy should be of particular interest to the plain-speaking culinary star, who bears a passing resemblance to Catherine's on-screen love interest, Black Dahlia actor Aaron Eckhart. It tells the tale of a highly-strung, perfectionist head chef a trendy Manhattan restaurant.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
In New York a glamorously attired Diane attended the debut of her latest film Fierce Creatures with handsome husband Josh BrolinPhoto: © Getty Images
Photo: © Alphapress.com
Across the continent in LA, Susan lead the star arrivals at the premiere of musical love story Romance And CigarettesPhoto: © Getty Images
Photo: © Alphapress.com
On the other side of the Atlantic TV chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife were among the guests checking out Catherine Zeta-Jones' new movie No ReservationsPhoto: © Getty Images