19 OCTOBER 2007

He won worldwide fame playing weedy jobsworth Gareth in hit comedy The Office, but now it seems actor Mackenzie Crook has the makings of an action man on the set of his new thriller Abraham's Point.

Out on location in the Swansea valley, Mackenzie was doing an excellent job battling the elements in a manner his Territorial Army obsessed character in the BBC show could only have dreamed on.

During one fast-moving chase scene for the Wales-based flick, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star was seen running through a forest at top speed before plunging dramatically into an icy waterfall.

The film, which also features Babel actress Harriet Walter and Joseph Wilson of The Sarah Jane Adventures, follows Mackenzie's character, an antique dealer haunted by his mysterious past, as he journeys back to the remote Welsh village he left 15 years ago. On the way, he faces double-dealing, muggings and theft.

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The comedy star's energetic role in his new thriller is a far cry from his office-bound part in Ricky Gervais' hit showPhoto: © Rex
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Mackenzie's geeky character Gareth would have been cock-a-hoop to have this action man shot on his deskPhoto: © Rex