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The 28-year-old actress and her daughter were in New York for two days with Tom. The Hollywood husband-and-wife team were both promoting their latest big-screen projects
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Katie and Suri make whirlwind trip back to the Big Apple

22 OCTOBER 2007

With her cute, bobbed hair and stylish outfits, little Suri Cruise looks more like her mum Katie Holmes with every passing day. The pair caused a stir when they were spotted out and about in the Big Apple this week, back on American soil after spending the last few months in Europe while Tom Cruise continues work on his Berlin-based war epic Valkyrie.

The whole family jetted to New York where they spent a whirlwind couple of days on the promotional trail for their new big screen projects. While Tom, 45, was busy giving interviews about his new political thriller, Lions For Lambs, 28-year-old Katie had a photoshoot to attend for her comedy Mad Money, due to hit screens next year. In it she plays a banker who plots to steal money that is about to be destroyed.

With their work stateside done, the couple boarded their private jet to London. There they were due to attend the film festival premiere of Lions For Lambs, which explores the impact of war through entwined plots in Afghanistan and the US.

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