12 NOVEMBER 2007

Hollywood fever gripped Hong Kong when Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale - stars of the latest Batman film The Dark Knight - caused a media frenzy while filming in the city this week.

Taking to the streets in the business district, the A-list actors found themselves surrounded by hundreds of fans eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of the high-profile duo. Lensing the upcoming flick on Chinese soil marks Batman's first venture outside of fictional Gotham City.

And hunky Christian Bale - reprising his role as Batman in the latest installment of the superhero series - is certainly excited about the change of location. He told local fans: "I look forward to climbing to the top of your highest buildings and jumping off of them as Batman."

Christian and Morgan head up an impressive cast for the latest action flick, which is set for release next summer. Brokeback Mountain actor Heath Ledger takes on the role of The Joker, Donnie Darko star Maggie Gyllenhaal features as Rachel Dawes - the love interest played by Katie Holmes in 2005's Batman Begins - and Sir Michael Caine is Batman's butler Alfred.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
Christian Bale, who will reprise his role as Batman in the upcoming flick, finds himself surrounded by fans as he takes to the Hong Kong streets for filmingPhoto: © Rex Click on photos for gallery
Photo: © Alphapress.com
Also on location in the Chinese city was Morgan, who is set to play Bruce Wayne's business manager in Batman: The Dark KnightPhoto: © Rex