21 NOVEMBER 2007

Star Trek fans got a chance to meet the legendary commander of the Starship Enterprise, Captain James T Kirk, when William Shatner dropped by an LA bookstore to sign copies of his latest sci-fi novel this week. There were scenes of excitement as droves of eager 'Trekkies' lined up to meet the 76-year-old Canadian actor and take home a photo, autograph and copy of his work Star Trek: The Academy - Collision Course.

As the anticipation surrounding the new Star Trek film continues to build, followers of the original series were shocked to hear that despite several meetings about a possible cameo, William, finally, would not be getting on board. And it was a feeling shared by the man himself.

"I couldn't believe it. I'm not (going to be) in the movie at all," said William – currently enjoying something of a renaissance due to his role in lawyer series Boston Legal - after hearing director JJ Abrams' decision.

The movie, which focuses on the first days of the intrepid crew of time travellers, will however feature original cast member Leonard Nimoy. Although disappointed at first not to be involved in the project himself, Montreal-born William told US radio host Howard Stern he didn't have a problem with his "good friend" winning a part.

Also appearing in the flick - which hits cinemas in December 2008 - are Winona Ryder, who plays the mother of a young Spock, and Canadian silver screen legend Bruce Greenwood who portrays the first commander of the Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike.

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The man behind the legendary commander of the Starship enterprise, Captain James T Kirk, dropped by an LA bookstore to sign copies of his latest sci-fi novel this weekPhoto: © Getty ImagesClick on photo to enlarge