11 DECEMBER 2007

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While in real life they hail from very different parts of the world Daniel Day-Lewis and Tom Hanks are geographically united in their latest films - both portraying Texans. The pair – who were each unveiling their latest effort in the US on Monday night - play strong-willed characters from the Lone Star state in their new big screen adventures.

London lad Daniel dons a cowboy hat and adopts a southern lilt to become Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood. His character starts out as a poor silver miner, whose life is dramatically changed when he discovers oil. Joining Daniel and his wife Rebecca Miller at the movie's New York film premiere this week was fellow British thesp Liam Neeson and Khaled Hosseini, the author of moving Afghanistan-set, best-seller The Kite Runner.

Meanwile treading the red carpet on the West Coast with Julia Roberts was Tom Hanks. The Californian actor plays a fun-loving East Texan in Charlie Wilson's War, the tale of congressman who uses his power to assist Afganistán fighters.

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London lad Daniel dons a cowboy hat and adopts a Texan twang to become an oil magnate in There Will Be Blood, which he unveiled in New York on Monday night accompanied by his wife Rebecca MillerPhoto: © Getty ImagesClick on photos for gallery
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Meanwhile across on the West Coast California native Tom Hanks was joined by his wife Rita Wilson to promote his latest effort, Charlie Wilson's War, in which he portrays a Texas congressman Photo: © Getty Images