13 DECEMBER 2007

TV's most advanced crime-fighting car is back, and fans of the Eighties David Hasselhoff vehicle Knight Rider have been promised even more thrills this time around.

As well as signing up The Hoff himself for a cameo role in the two-hour movie pilot, which airs on US TV next year, the producers have co-opted a cast of fresh new faces.

Among them is a beautiful young actress with an unmistakable Hollywood pedigree - Sydney Poitier. After appearing in Grey's Anatomy and Veronica Mars, the daughter of Oscar-winning In The Heat Of The Night star Sidney Poitier has bagged a breakthrough role in the crime caper sequel.

As feisty FBI agent Carrie Ruvai, 34-year-old Sydney locks horns with Justin Bruening, who plays an estranged son unexpectedly forced to take on his father's Knight Rider mantle.

A starring role is naturally guaranteed for KITT, David's talking automobile, which has been fitted with every 21-century gizmo going. These include a super-computer capable of hacking into any other system and bodywork capable of changing shape and colour on command.

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Sydney, who is named after her Oscar-winning father, has landed a role as an FBI agent in the sequel to the Eighties hit showPhoto: © PA
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She joins a cast which naturally includes super-vehicle KITT, which is even more souped up this time aroundPhoto: © PA