20 DECEMBER 2007

Being one of Hollywood's in-demand leading men, Liam Neeson is no stranger to arriving at VIP events in chauffeur-driven transport. The Love Actually actor took matters into his own hands - and feet – though, when it came to transporting himself to an eco-awareness event in New York this week.

Liam hopped on a bike and pedalled his way to the launch of global warming initiative Bicycle For A Day, after his pal, Weeds actor Matthew Modine, the man behind the scheme, promised to buy him dinner for doing so.

"Honestly, bicycling isn't just fun and healthy and non-polluting, it's sexy," said Matthew at the Tuesday night bash, which was also attended by Robert Kennedy Jr - the nephew of late US President John F Kennedy. "It gives you a nice rear end."

The US actor is organising events in San Francisco, Chicago and New York to highlight the perils of global warming. He envisages a day of community-based activities at a prominent city park – to which attendees would travel on two wheels - including entertainment, speeches by politicians and environmental groups.

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The Love Actually actor turned up on two wheels to the launch of his actor pal's global warming initiative Bicycle For A DayPhoto: © RexClick on photo to enlarge