Diane clearly approved of her young co-star's glamorous Armani dress as they met up on the green carpet
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Katie, who was accompanied by her husband, was clearly thrilled to be attending a premiere of one of her own films after a gap of three years
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Katie on red carpet for first premiere of own film in three years

10 JANUARY 2008
For the first time in three years Katie Holmes attended a premiere of one of her own films with husband Tom on hand in a supporting role. And she couldn't have looked happier.

Dazzling in a silver beaded Armani mini-dress, the Batman Begins actress, who took time out from her career after the birth of the couple's daughter Suri, joined co-stars Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah for the star-studded screening of their bank heist caper Mad Money in LA.

The comedy's three female stars apparently forged a strong bond on set, which was clearly apparent on Wednesday night as Diane greeted Katie with enthusiasm on the special dollar-green carpet. Oscar-winner Diane recently spoke of her admiration for Katie's acting skills. She "took that role and played with it", she told an American magazine. "She's courageous and adventurous, and wants and is having a very big life. She's handling it with such grace."

Katie had equally kind words for both Diane and Queen Latifah as she spoke to reporters at the premiere. She described working with them as a "dream come true", saying: "I've been a fan of these women so long". The trio play bank employees who steal money destined to be destroyed. Katie, who treated cast and crew to cupcakes and pizza on set last summer, plays a ditsy character who can't stop dancing.

The 29-year-old mum says she was thrilled to have her daughter on set with her. And she couldn't hide her pride as she described how Suri would point at the monitor and say "mama". Asked once again about her new bob, which has filled so many column inches of late, she says it was just an "easy cut". "I love it, I wake up and just go," she reveals although she admitted to some grooming help for her big night out.