The actor donned an Aston Villa scarf to attend a screening of his latest film in London this week. "I like the team!" he declared, adding: "The name is just so sweet. It sounds like a lovely spa!"
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With the claret and blue scarf wrapped round his neck the actor signs his name on a Charlie Wilson's War floor banner prior to the screening
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The star isn't the only famous supporter of Aston Villa, which also counts Prince William and Ozzy Osbourne among its fan base
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Aston Villa fan Tom sports the team's colours at London premiere

10 JANUARY 2008
At the first UK screening of his latest flick, Tom Hanks took to the red carpet wearing an interesting accessory - a scarf emblazoned with the name of the British football team he supports. The actor donned the claret and blue colours of Aston Villa for a screening of Charlie Wilson's War.

"I'm big on Aston Villa," declared the 51-year-old, who plays a US congressman in the film. "The name is just so sweet. It sounds like a lovely spa!" he joked.

"There are a lot of people out there who think Aston Villa are going to take the premiership," continued the Birmingham-based club's unlikely fan. "And I hope they do." After proudly holding aloft his football scarf the Academy award-winner crouched down to add his signature to a giant floor banner bearing the film's title.

By pledging his allegiance to Aston Villa Tom joins two other high-profile supporters of the club. Prince William once stated famously that in his opinion they're "the best team in the world", while rocker Ozzy Osbourne is also a fan.

Joining the sports aficionado on the red carpet were Tamara Beckwith and her Italian husband Giorgio Veroni, and socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.