14 JANUARY 2008

Running around firing water pistols with school children in Nepal Orlando Bloom was enjoying an outing very different, but obviously equally fulfilling, to his more familiar Tinseltown commitments.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star travelled to an impoverished part of the Himalayan kingdom in his role a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

Garlands of flowers around his neck and a red 'tikka' mark – a traditional sign of welcome – on his forehead, the screen heart-throb played with local children and chatted with their mums during the trip to the western district of Kaski. While there the 30-year-old also looked in on projects to promote safe hygiene and encourage school attendance.

"Another Hollywood movie star might feel strange in a remote and (poor) area, but he seemed perfectly at ease," said a UNICEF spokesman.

Orlando was also called on to perform a small role in a radio drama recorded by children. In the programme, which encourages teenagers to shares their worries, Orlando voiced the part of a guest at a hostel for homeless girls. "Talk about your problems," he read from the script. "There's no need to feel shy."

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Orlando proved a natural ambassador when it came to connecting with young children during his visit to an impoverished region of NepalPhoto: © Getty ImagesClick on photos for gallery
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The actor was given garlands of flowers by local women, who also placed a red 'tikka' mark on his foreheadPhoto: © Getty Images
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Making friends with Kusum, a seven-year-old girl whose family are members of Nepal's dalit or untouchable castePhoto: © Getty Images