Admirers of the Brokeback Mountain star left notes of condolence for former love Michelle Williams, whom he met on the set of the drama three years ago
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As well as being an Oscar-nominated actor Heath was a doting dad to his and Michelle's little girl Matilda. A poignant reminder of this is a paving stone outside the home his ex-girlfriend shared with the toddler. The proud dad put an imprint of his daughter's foot and the family dog's in the wet cement when she was born
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Fans remember Heath as his heartbroken ex Michelle returns to US

24 JANUARY 2008
As showbiz pals continued to share their memories of tragic Australian talent Heath Ledger, those he touched through his art - the fans - left tributes at a makeshift memorial outside his New York apartment in the trendy SoHo neighbourhood.

There were also messages of support for the loved ones of the acclaimed Brokeback Mountain actor, who was found dead from a suspected overdose of prescription pills on Tuesday.

One handwritten note, accompanied by a teddy bear and flowers, had been left for Michelle Williams, the mother of the actor's two-year-old daughter, Matilda.

"I know things are tough right now but God doesn't send us anything we can't handle," wrote the well wishers. "Stay strong because your baby needs you more than ever. Just remember he loved you and (Matilda) very much."

On Wednesday, the stricken actress, who'd flown from Sweden where she was on location filming, arrived with Matilda back at the Brooklyn home the couple shared until their break-up last September.

After their split Heath admitted suffering insomnia for which he was taking sleeping tablets. Sleeping pills were found alongside four other types of prescription medication in his apartment.

Recent roles as The Joker in The Dark Knight and Bob Dylan in I'm Not There had left him "stressed out a little too much", said the actor in one of his last interviews. He added that he was only able to sleep a couple of hours a night.

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