Despite having been born into a life of luxury, Christian Brando was a troubled soul whose life was marked by substance abuse issues and a stint in jail after he was found guilty of slaying his sister's partner
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The screen legend's son, pictured with his father, passed away on Saturday after having fallen into a coma. Marlon died four years ago aged 80
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'Godfather' star Marlon's son Christian passes away aged 49

28 JANUARY 2008
The eldest son of late movie legend Marlon Brando, Christian, died in an LA hospital on Saturday. The troubled 49-year-old, who was admitted earlier in the month passed away as a result of complications arising from pneumonia.

"He'd lived so hard. This is just so sad," said Christian's ex-wife Deborah.

Christian, who had a long history of substance abuse, was jailed in 1990 for the manslaughter of his sister Cheyenne's boyfriend. At the trial, actor Marlon famously made a plea to the judge, saying: "I think I perhaps failed him as a father. The tendency is to blame the other parent. But I am certain there were things I could have done differently."

Born to the A Streetcar Named Desire star and his former wife Welsh actress Anna Kashfi, Christian was the eldest of Marlon's 11 children. "This is a sad and difficult time for the family," said a spokesperson.