The Match Point actress persuaded her hero to contribute to her debut album, which will be released in May
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Scarlett gets a little help from David Bowie on her debut disc

14 FEBRUARY 2008
Multi-talented Scarlett Johansson has received the ultimate accolade as she prepares to launch a second career as a musician. David Bowie has collaborated with her on two tracks for her debut album Anywhere I Lay My Head, a tribute to blues balladeer Tom Waits.

The Tinseltown star approached the British music veteran at a New York party to ask him to contribute to the collection of cover versions. As a result the Ziggy Stardust singer laid down the vocals to Falling Down and Fannin' Street.

Scarlett has no live performances lined up at present, but says it would "a missed opportunity" not to do a gig at some point.

The actress - who reportedly has a distinctive, whispery delivery - has included one original composition, called Song for Jo, on the album, which comes out on May 20.