A fellow guest in fancy dress made sure plenty of attention was paid to the Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind actress' gown by hanging onto its hem. The Vivienne Westwood creation was later auctioned off at the charity dinner in London
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Kate took her scene-stealing furry friend's antics in good humour
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Kate's beauty and the beast moment has the star in fits of giggles

18 FEBRUARY 2008
It's not the kind of monkey business you expect at a glamorous London party. So not surprisingly Kate Winslet struggled to keep a straight face at the antics of a guest in gorilla costume at a fundraiser she attended over the weekend.

Spotting the Finding Neverland actress in the crowd, the furry prankster decided to have a bit of fun at her expense. The cheeky chap took hold of her exquisite taffeta ballgown and gave it a good tug, provoking fits of giggles from the silver screen beauty and her friends.

The lighthearted moment came as Kate carried out her first engagement as an ambassador for Cardboard Citizens, a professional theatre company made up of homeless people.

But dealing with the over exuberant 'animal' wasn't the star's only duty for the night. Kate had to give up her beautiful Vivienne Westwood dress when it was auctioned off, raising ₤20,000 for the charity.

"I hope the bidder enjoys wearing it as much as I did," said the actress of the creation, which was made especially for the occasion by the veteran designer.