The pop princess has received warm reviews across the pond for her guest spot portrayal of a receptionist on US sitcom How I Met Your Mother, which aired Stateside on Monday night
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Her dippy Abby has a crush on the show's lead character Ted

Britney goes down a storm as a dippy receptionist in US sitcom

25 MARCH 2008
Showing off a toned figure in a series of summer dresses, delivering her lines with the precision of a pro, and clearly loving every minute of her role, Britney Spears hit the US small screen this week in popular sitcom How I Met your Mother.

The 25-year-old singer has received warm reviews for her guest spot as ditzy receptionist Abby on the comedy show, which was recorded earlier this month and aired in America on Monday. Her character has a crush on the main lead Ted, and is first seen giggling and flirting with him when he comes into the dermatologist office where she is employed.

"Working on the show was terrific," says Britney, whose previous acting experience includes a guest spot on Will And Grace and a lead role in 2002 teen flick Crossroads. "Everyone, including the cast, the crew and the producers, has been wonderful."

The feeling is mutual. Her co-stars have been quick to commend Britney's on-set attitude, with the show's executive producer saying: "She was a true a professional. There were no diva moments." Actor Josh Radnor, who plays the object of Abby's affections, agress, telling one US magazine that "Britney knew her lines better than I knew mine. She's been great to work with."

The singer is making the most of her appearance on the programe to do her a bit for charity. Six items of clothing she wore during filming will be auctioned online, with proceeds going to an environmental organisation.

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