While they admit to not being fans of the showbiz lifestyle, the talented husband and wife team seem to be an increasingly ubiquitous sight on the red carpet these days
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Down-to-earth James supports Anne Marie at 'French Film' screening

26 MARCH 2008
Although they've always maintained they prefer to live 'normal' lives away from the spotlight, the blossoming careers of British screen hunk James McAvoy and his equally gifted actress wife Anne-Marie Duff have led to the pair becoming something of a fixture on the celebrity circuit in recent months.

This week the talented husband and wife team brought their unique combination of talent and street cred to the London premiere of Anne-Marie's latest movie French Film.

The three-time BAFTA-nominated Shameless actress, who lives with James in a modest 178,000 flat in the capital's far-from-fashionable Stroud Green district, stars as 'perfect girlfriend' Sophie in the new romantic comedy.

While neither she nor her Atonement star spouse seem to enjoy the red capet aspect of their roles, when needs be both can deliver the goods. On Tuesday night the pair opted for a casual look, with James dapper in a shirt and jeans combo and Anne Marie effortlessly chic in a simple grey day dress.

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