While speaking about the cause of Iraqi refugees to some of Washington's most powerful people, the A Mighty Heart star suddenly felt a kick from her unborn child
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The happy couple enjoy a glamorous lifestyle yet want their children to grow up knowing the value of money
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Little kick pushes Angelina into admitting she is pregnant

12 APRIL 2008
Hollywood's worst-kept secret is out actress Angelina Jolie has confirmed she and partner Brad Pitt are expecting their second child together.

The mum-of-four let slip her news after speaking in Washington DC about the needs of Iraqi children. During her speech, the glamorous campaigner suddenly "felt kicking" as her unborn child made its presence felt.

"It is a very special time in our lives," she later told People magazine.

The baby will grow up in with two of Hollywood's biggest box-office stars for its parents. Nevertheless, humanitarian workers Brad and Angelina are determined none of their children will take their luxurious lifestyle for granted.

Recently, their son Maddox reportedly tried to pay for the family's ice cream while out in Los Angeles. However, it seems the selfless young chap was devastated to learn his 2.50 weekly pocket money wouldn't cover the cost.

Happily, mum and dad stepped in to pay for the treat, said the Daily Express. "They are obviously keen to make sure their children have a grasp of the real world," a source told the newspaper.

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