Their characters may need help from the family dog in the film but Jen and Owen looked as if they were having no problems as they walked on the sand
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Singing star Gloria Estefan joined the couple at the Cardozo Hotel
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Beach buddies Jennifer and Owen have fun shooting in Miami

20 APRIL 2008
Adding further fuel to the "are they, aren't they" questions over their relationship, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson look even closer as they lens more scenes from their new film.

Walking together on Miami Beach, the Marley & Me co-stars clearly seemed happy in each other's company. The couple, who play a married pair in the forthcoming comedy, frolicked and laughed on the sand.

At one point, the duo became a trio. Grammy award-winning Latin singer Gloria Estefan joined the actors at the Cardozo Hotel to shoot her scenes.

Perhaps Gloria was checking up on her new room-mate Jen is reportedly living in a guest house on the Miami Sound Machine singer's palatial estate while she lenses the film.

It's not all work, though. The kind-hearted actress took time out of shooting to appear on the finale of Oprah Winfrey's Big Give programme. The show challenges Americans to help total strangers, with the person giving the most away winning.

"I wouldnt miss it," said the Friends star. "This is such an amazing, fantastic thing, to see all of these people compete to outgive each other."