Until recently screen veteran Michael has been content to stay at home while his wife Catherine chased the big roles. He's back on the film scene now, though, with a juicy part as a ladies man in Matthew McConaughey's new movie
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Michael takes time out from family life to act the onscreen playboy

21 APRIL 2008
There's bound to be a bit of juggling going on at the moment in the Douglas household. Two-time Oscar winner Michael - who for the past few years has cheerfully let his career take a backseat to his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones' amibitions - has decamped from their Bahamas base to film a rom-com in Boston.

Only last year the silver-screen charmer was waxing lyrical about being a house husband. "I've learned to kick back and be a family man," said 63-year-old Michael, who has two young children with the Welsh beauty.

He added: "Since I married Catherine we've been raising a new family. I'm enjoying it immensely. And my priorities have changed enormously."

It seems those priorities still include the odd film role, though, as Michael is currently shooting The Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past - a Hollywood take on Dickens' A Christmas - Carol with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner.

In the film the veteran sends up his former bad boy reputation and portrays a sunglass-wearing Seventies playboy who comes back from the dead to stop Matthew's womanising character making the same mistakes he did.