In the movie, Sarah's character Carrie has swapped her precarious existence as a columnist for a plum magazine job and is about to tie the knot. "Running around drinking and looking for interesting sexual partnerships would have been vulgar," explained the actress in the run-up to the Monday premiere
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Her lover, the notoriously commitment-shy Mr Big - played by Chris Noth - is greying and has a slightly more mature approach to romance
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They're still glam but 'SATC' characters have moved on

8 MAY 2008
The frocks and shoes are as fabulous as ever in the movie version of Sex And The City, but there's been one significant change. The four glamorous New Yorkers whose lives were seemingly impervious to the effects of time during the six seasons the series ran are now maturing gracefully.

"We knew that was the only one road we could take," admitted lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker ahead of the film's world premiere, which, to the surprise of fans, takes place in London on Monday.

"You can't pretend we're 32, still running around drinking with liberty and looking for interesting sexual partnerships," she adds. "It would have been vulgar."

So in the film, her character Carrie now an editor at Vogue and about to marry - is seen in bed competing with suave lover Mr Big for the only pair of reading glasses on the bedside table.

Chris Noth, who plays the charismatic magnate, is thrilled at the new approach. "Where did the notion that the lives of adults are less interesting than those of the under 30s come from?" mused the 53-year-old at Wednesday's event. "I think the movie has more relevance now and the girls look even better."

And those "girls", including 50-something Kim Cattrall who reprises her role as nymphomaniac PR exec Samantha, do indeed look ber-glam as fans will find out for themselves when the film opens on May 28.

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