The Friends actress cools off in a Miami pool with her Grammy-winning boyfriend. Thirty-year-old John had flown down to be with her as she wrapped Marley And Me in Florida
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After suprising onlookers by being so openly affectionate in the hotel pool, the new couple arrived at Jennifer's cast party together and spent the night smooching and dancing
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Jennifer Aniston takes the plunge in Miami with hunky new Friend

12 MAY 2008
On their second romantic tryst in as many weeks Jennifer Aniston and her new singer-songwriter squeeze John Mayer, 30, couldn't bear to spend a minute apart. At the weekend, Hollywood's hottest new pairing lounged about at a hotel pool in Miami where the actress has just wrapped filming Marley And Me with Owen Wilson.

According to witnesses, Jen one of Tinseltown's most glamorous divorcees was completely focused on her hunky companion, and had clearly worn her itsy bitsy bright pink bikini to make sure she had his complete attention, too.

Later, Grammy-winning John was her date at a cast party. Perhaps inspired by Miami's balmy climes the movie beauty wore a figure-hugging black dress. Again her outfit seemed to have the desired effect as her beau was particularly attentive, cuddling up to her throughout the evening.

Since the end of her marriage to Brad Pitt, the 39-year-old Friends star has made a point of being super discreet about her love life. The fact that she's been spotted revelling in public displays of affection with John suggests this may be a relationship she's happy to live out in the limelight.