Even without her striking blonde locks the actress' inimitable beauty still shines through
Photo: Rex
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Cameron Diaz loses her crowning glory for new film role

23 MAY 2008
Cameron Diaz's blonde locks are as integral to her sun-kissed beauty as her radiant smile and seductive green eyes. The actress showed that even losing her crowning glory couldn't diminish her silver screen glamour, though, as she went 'bald' for her new flick.

The There's Something About Mary star was sporting the new look on the set of My Sister's Keeper - which also stars Alec Baldwin and 12-year-old Little Miss Sunshine actress Abigail Breslin.

Those who prefer Cameron with a full head of hair needn't worry; her new look isn't the result of a shaved head. The actress' trademark tresses were hidden under a close-fitting make-up prosthesis in preparation for filming in Santa Monica.