The Hollywood brothers caught up with UK talents Pride And Prejudice star Rosamund Pike and Cassandra's Dream actress Hayley Atwell at a party thrown in the boys' honour
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Also at the dinner was raven-haired British model Erin O'Connor
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Ben and Casey feted in London as they promote joint project

29 MAY 2008
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Just a few years ago many cinema goers would have been surprised to learn Ben Affleck has a younger brother who's also in the movie business. These days though Casey Affleck is on a more even keel with his famous sibling.

Casey, 32, whose profile has been raised over the past couple of years with roles in the Ocean's series and his Oscar-nominated performance in The Assassination Of Jessie James, joined Ben in London this week where they attended a party thrown in their honour.

They were joined for the evening by a host of British beauties, including talented Pride And Prejudice actress Rosamund Pike and rising star Hayley Atwell who is soon to appear in the big screen version of Brideshead Revisited - as well as raven-haired model Erin O'Connor.

Earlier, the American siblings had been busy promoting their joint film project Gone Baby Gone, which will make Casey even more familiar to UK audiences when it hits British cinemas on June 6. Ben steps behind the camera to direct the film - his first feature - in which Casey stars as a detective on the hunt for a missing four-year-old girl.

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