Edward and Liv stroll the special green carpet arm in arm at the LA premiere. He plays Bruce Banner, a scientist who transforms into the green giant, while Liv stars as his love interest Betty Ross
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Edward chats with fans gathered outside the cinema and sign autographs for them
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Liv Tyler and Edward Norton hit green carpet at 'Hulk' premiere

9 JUNE 2008
Newly single screen beauty Liv Tyler was on exquisite form as she took to the special green carpet with her Incredible Hulk co-star Edward Norton for the film's Los Angeles premiere at the weekend.

Striking in a clingy, one-shoulder silk satin dress dress and high heels, the Lord Of The Rings actress joined the dapper 38-year-old, who plays scientist Bruce Banner, in greeting fans and signing autographs before heading into the cinema.

Working with Liv had been an enjoyable experience, revealed the Fight Club actor. "She's the best," enthused Ed. "She's the anti-Hulk, she never gets angry."

The movie also stars Oscar-winning actors William Hurt, who plays Liv's father, and British star Tim Roth as the villain of the piece.

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