The pair were playing for laughs again at the unveiling of their joint project. "I'm hoping for an Oscar," deadpanned Justin, while Mike added: "I think there's a lot I could teach him about dancing"
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Justin, who plays a Speedo-toting hockey player in the flick, couldn't resist giving his own interpretation of Mike's main character

Mike and Justin play it for laughs at premiere of new comedy

12 JUNE 2008
Look out Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson - there's a new Hollywood comedy partnership in town. Less than a week after Canadian funnyman Mike Myers and pop singer Justin Timberlake had the audience at the TV Land Awards in stitches, the pair were once again playing it for laughs at the US premiere of their joint project The Love Guru.

"It's my most serious role to date," deadpanned Justin - referring to his turn as a Speedo-wearing French Canadian hockey player in the flick. "I'm hoping for an Oscar." And asked about the possibility of them working together in the future, Mike replied: "I would like to do a dance battle with him. I think there's a lot I could teach him about dancing."

The pair's big screen comedy, which hits cinemas in America on June 20 and the UK on August 1, tells the tale of Pitka - Mike's character - an American raised in India by gurus. He returns to his homeland to break into the self-help business, taking on Justin's on-screen persona as his first client.

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